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Lawrence Attah
Friday 3 January 2020


Streams of thoughts
A million times a day
Streaks of memories caught
Some cheerished some not
Some in colour others in blacks and whites
Some will trigger a smile and some a grin
See! Feel the palm of my hands,
They are strong from work
Hey! Feel the beat in my chest,
Tell me what do you feel?
Can i feel yours?
Memories may linger,
Good and bad.
But having you here in my arms
Is a peaceful place
I love the view from here

|Lawrence Attah|


Lawrence Attah
Saturday 4 January 2020

Bread for the wise

Bread for the wise
That make his path right
That prepares for the rain
And eats bread at the right time
Bread is for the wise
But the fools do eat too


Lawrence Attah
Saturday 4 January 2020


I got your note yesterday
I loved it when you said you cared
It makes me so happy
And this is what happens
When you are here
I cant deny it the feeling is magic when you are here
Ive felt so helpless
Your touch gave me succur

So i wrote a song for you.


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