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Nsikakabasi Essenowo
Thursday 28 January 2021

Lone Wolf


I was told by my park

That my energy is just another rag

So I decided to pack

I move into a land of abundant lack

My once precious fur took the resemblance of a wack

My flesh are filled with cracks 

Every glory I ever knew sounds like a nag


In amidst, I growl 

For a rescue from the sheol 

The only soothing night comfort is the screams of the owl 

If I make it out whole 

I'm not sure I'll heal from this heart hole 

Pain after pain my strength was made out of a forbidden mole


Today in myself I find solace 

Lacking what to chase

I realize it was never a race

So I simply work on my survival pace

Fast or slow it doesn't make a case

This is only but a phase 

I know smiles will return to this lonely face



Nsikakabasi Essenowo
Saturday 23 January 2021


Have you ever known

The mystery of being alone 

Just being content with your mind groan 

Reaching the ends of the unverse in a single roam

Marching like the the furious soldier of medieval Rome

With no fear of the tomb

She breaks open the doors of fortress with the might of a storm

You wish you knew 

How could you when it is meant but for a few

Scares as the afternoon dew

It showers on those whose heart are anew 

You cry for a clue

You swear to embrace it like a glue

But at the sound of the price you flew 

Now you know

Will your answer be yes or no

Or will embrace your past and go

Stop cuddling your afro

If you will stay I'll show you the way fro

It's the price you must pay to grow

Be calm and listen to your mind flow


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