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U Jacob Akegh
Sunday 2 July 2023

The Prey

The rich prey on the poor with ease,

Their wealth built on the poor's unease.

Field and mind, they toil in vain,

Subjected to the rich's gain.

The rich get richer, the poor get poor,

A cycle that's hard to ignore.

The poor work hard, day and night,

But their efforts never see the light.

The rich build mansions, yachts, and planes,

Leaving the poor to struggle in chains.

Their lives are a constant battle,

With the rich always in the saddle.

The poor are left with no resource,

While the rich take without remorse.

For as long as this cycle endures,

The poor will remain the rich's subjects.

                                           Akegh U Jacob


U Jacob Akegh
Sunday 2 July 2023


Lonely in a room full of friends,
Surrounded by laughter that never ends,
But my heart feels heavy as a stone,
As I sit here feeling all alone.

The noise around me is deafening,
But my thoughts are louder, more unsettling,
I try to blend in, to join the fun,
But my mind wanders, I'm on the run.

I see their smiles and happy faces,
But inside, my heart is in dark places,
I wonder if they truly know,
The pain I feel, the sorrow that grows.

Loneliness can be so suffocating,
Even in a crowd, it's isolating,
I long for someone to understand,
To hold my hand, to take my stand.

But until then, I'll sit here and wait,
For the courage to speak, to articulate,
That I'm lonely in a room full of friends,
And hope that they'll help me make amends.
                                           Akegh U Jacob


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