Wisdom Ibeagi

Biography: A Glimpse into the Poetic World of Wisdom Ibeagi In an era where the fleeting moments of life often go unnoticed, Wisdom Ibeagi shines a spotlight on the profound, unfathomable nature of time. With a deft touch, he paint time as a river that winds through our existence, carrying the echoes of past joys and sorrows. In his poem "Chronicles of Eternity," Wisdom Ibeagi contemplates the fleeting nature of moments, evoking a sense of both melancholy and wonder. Through skillful metaphors, they invite readers to ponder the relentless passage of time, urging us to savor each instant before it slips away. Yet, Wisdom Ibeagi doesn't stop at mere observation; he delve deeper, exploring the interconnectedness of time with human experiences. In "Whispers of Yesterday," he capture the essence of nostalgia, illustrating how the past reverberates into the present, shaping our perceptions and emotions. His words resonate, urging us to embrace the lessons hidden within the folds of time's fabric. At the heart of Wisdom Ibeagi's poetic tapestry lies the exquisite simplicity of love. In a world where complexities often cloud our vision, he illuminate the path to profound connections with minimalistic elegance. Through verses like "Eternal Embrace," Wisdom Ibeagi celebrates the purity of love in its simplest form —a touch, —a gaze, —a whispered promise. Their words remind us that amidst the noise, love's gentle touch can bring solace and restore our faith in the profound beauty of human connections. In "Infinite Heart song," Wisdom Ibeagi takes readers on a journey through the labyrinth of emotions that love weaves. His lines are like a soothing melody, capturing the myriad shades of love —joy, longing, vulnerability, and companionship. Through his artistry, Wisdom Ibeagi showcases that love's simplicity is its greatest strength, capable of withstanding the tests of time and adversity. What sets Wisdom Ibeagi apart is his ability to seamlessly weave together the threads of time and love, creating a symphony of words that resonates deeply with the human experience. In "Eternal Waltz," he intertwine these themes, illustrating how love becomes a timeless refuge in the ever-changing dance of existence. His verses transcend the limitations of language, touching the heart with an exquisite blend of emotion and intellect. Wisdom Ibeagi's poetry is not merely an artistic endeavor; it's a portal that invites readers to introspect, connect, and rediscover the profound within themselves. Through his exploration of the mysteries of time and the simplicity of love, he offer a mirror through which we can glimpse our own lives, aspirations, and vulnerabilities. As the world hurtles forward in a whirlwind of progress and chaos, poets like Wisdom Ibeagi stand as beacons of introspection and reflection. His verses remind us that beneath the complexities of existence lie enduring truths waiting to be unearthed. With every poem he craft, Wisdom Ibeagi beckons us to pause, breathe, and contemplate the profound beauty that surrounds us, hidden within the enigma of time and the simplicity of love. In a society that often values noise over silence and complexity over simplicity, Wisdom Ibeagi's poetry serves as a gentle reminder that within the quiet moments and the unadorned gestures, we discover the essence of our humanity. Through his evocative verses, he create an oasis of serenity, inviting readers to embark on a journey of self-discovery and connection. In conclusion, Wisdom Ibeagi's poetic prowess lies in their ability to unearth the ineffable mysteries of time while celebrating the purity of love's simplicity. His words have the power to transport us beyond the mundane, into a realm where time becomes a canvas and love, a masterpiece. In embracing the paradoxes and nuances of existence, Wisdom Ibeagi encapsulates the very essence of what it means to be human, leaving an indelible mark on the tapestry of literature.

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Wisdom Ibeagi
Tuesday 9 January 2024

Purpose 🧩🪡

            Purpose 🧩🪡

Purpose is the reason why ⁉️

you wake up every day 🌞

But to discover such meaning🏜️

U must attack in many ways🚿

Questions are the tools 🧰

To explore your inner self🗿

What is my capacity? 🪣

What do I feed my inner self? 🫂

Values are the guides🗃️

that align your goals and actions⛓️

upholding such principles⚗️

Requires daily action 🪥

Choices are the steps 👣

You take to shape your destiny🎰

to make such decisions⚧️

You ensure you put your best in it😎

Purpose needs questions

Questions needs values

Values needs your choices

Your choices needs a vision

     ~ WisdomIbeagi ™🗽 ~


Wisdom Ibeagi
Monday 8 January 2024

Persevere 🧠



See, Perfection is a lofty goal 🥅 

That many strive to reach 🎈

to attain such excellence 🪄

You need to build a bridge 🌉 


Between Precision and skill 🧮

you need to see the details 🥘

In mastering accuracy🥢

you need to eat the details🍜


Perseverance is the key 🗝 

to overcome each challenge, ☔

Sustaining such persistence🎯

Requires picture range🎖️


Where passion is the fuel ⛽ 

That keeps your fire burning 🔥 

to ignite enthusiasm 😊 

U feed it every morning ☀ 


Perfection needs precision 

Precision needs persistence 

Persistence needs your passion

Your Passion needs a purpose


    ~ WisdomIbeagi ™🗽 ~


Wisdom Ibeagi
Saturday 16 December 2023

C.L.U.E. Person |Cold ❄ Logical 🤔 Unemotional 😐 Evasive 🌨️|

Clue Person

|Cold ❄ Logical 🤔 Unemotional 😐 Evasive 🌨️|


Intelligence matters,
yet so does the art,
being a clue person,
Is a life's vital art.

It's the lyrics of life,
It is sung with care,
the Software of choices,
in the cryptic air.

Cold and logical,
unemotional evasive,
In this cryptic quest,
it cost to be passive.

The clue person emerges,
steadfast and keen,
Navigating the mazes,
where clues are seen.

Evasive whispers,
secrets are told,
In the quest for the unknown, 
stories unfold.

A clue person's art,
is enigmatic haze.
to win your way through,
U have to memorize the maze,

The system is,
an algorithmic dance,
And you, the clue person,
Is taking out a chance.

A four-dimensional chase,
so evasive to engage,
the algorithm pase,
boosts ur cerebral edge.

Thinking like the Code,
means winning every time,
A dance with the logic,
is a chance with the time.

Luck, is an acronym,
Understand the algorithm,
You grasp its rhythm,

Moves are unveiled,
like a masterful play,
when U learn the algorithm,
In a masterful way.

No second-hand habits,
no thoughts to reveal,
In the land of clues,
Good habit prevails.

It Impacts and resonates,
It's subtle, but it's true,
Even if it's unnoticed,
it shapes what you do.

In the world of schemes,
where shadows dance,
A realm of riddles,
a subtle chance.

The hardware is driven,
by the voices within,
Being a clue person,
Is wisdom within.




Wisdom Ibeagi
Sunday 24 September 2023

Awesome Core 🏔️

In a Time 

where shege display,

Only the brave seize 

the light of the day,

It matters not what 

This life may spin,

It's how you rise 

when  the trials begin.

The value you sought, 

lies within,

To activate this value, 

You must first begin.

Through observation, 

You discern,

In Imitation, 

You shall learn,

Repetition molds 

Your true awesome core,

Internalizing in You, 


Leadership is more 

than words you speak,

It's in the actions 

that you seek.

crave only the truth 

that actions bring,

For winners walk, 

they take the wing.


a treasure untold,

The worth within, 

more precious than gold.

Fear is the shadow 

that clouds your way,

Of rejection, change, 

and failure array.

Your greatest limits, 

Are the self-imposed,

Break free, my friend, 

let your spirit be exposed.

You'll never outgrow

the boundaries you create,

In this graceful life, 

your destiny awaits.

So rise above challenges

Fly and soar,

In the quest of life, 

let your spirit roar.



Wisdom Ibeagi
Friday 22 September 2023

I see you 👀 | I C U |Intensive Care Unit


Intensive Care Unit

I see you, 

I know all ur pains, 

I witness your hustle, 

your relentless fight,

Through sleepless nights 

and the darkest of nights.

Your determination, 

your spirit so strong,

In the ICU of life, 

Is where you belong.

you've felt forsaken, 

left all alone,

Your strength and resilience 

is brightly shown.

Your struggles 

have shaped you, 

made you who you are,

In the ICU of life, 

you're the brightest star.

Money may be scarce, 

but your spirit so vast,

You've faced the storms, 

and you've faced the blast.

I see you,

Through battles you 've fought 

and trials you've wrought.

I feel you. 

Your pain and your struggles, 

I understand,

I offer my help, 

a healing hand.

In the darkest hours, 

when hope feels gone,

You wonder where strength 

will come from.

But I assure you, 

I'm right here,

To ease your burdens 

and calm your fear.

In this intensive care unit, 

Is where you will find,

The strength to heal, 

the power to shine.

So fear not, my friend, 

for I see you,

there's nothing to fear.

In the ICU. 

I'll answer your prayers, 

your desires fulfilled,

In this journey of life, 

your joy will be filled.

In the ICU of life, 

where healing resides,

You'll find the love 

and hope that abides.

I see you, I know you, 

I'm by your side,

In this ICU of life, 

let hope be your guide.



Wisdom Ibeagi
Tuesday 19 September 2023

Nothing is little 💫

The essence of virtue, 

Is to make ur path clear,

To honor the small 

is to hold what is dear.

A full grown Oak tree, 🎄 

came from a seed, 

Faithful with little, 

is faithful with big,

What goes around, 

Will come around,

Whatever u sow

Is what u will reap, 

Seasons will come, 

and Seasons will go.

But a diligent breed, 

Will always lead. 

In life's alure, 

each fragment we see,

Is part of a story, 

of a legacy to be.

So cherish the small, 

In all your winnings, 

Forget not the days of, 

your little beginning, 

In the smallest of acts, 

of love and care,

We'll find the greatness, 

that's always there.

Each moment, each action, 

we must heed to the call.

As simple as clock's second, 

That drives the world 🗺

So, Let us aspire, 

to see in this way,

And the greatness in each moment, 

will forever stay.

~Wisdom Ibeagi ™ 🗽 


Wisdom Ibeagi
Monday 4 September 2023

Heart Cry ?? ??

A woman's love, 

the most precious kind.

A gift from nature, 

pure and kind .

don't let your heart,

grow so cold,

Don't use her heart, 

Play stone cold. 

If she showers attention, 

be grateful, my friend,

Her love knows no bounds,

Its a perfect blend.

When tears is in her eyes, 

don't misconceive,

It's not weakness, 

but a love she'll never leave.

U might be so lucky, 

she values you so,

Her tears, a special way, 

to let you know.

And if she utters "am sorry," 

when it's not her blame,

It's not fear, but love, 

that is in her flame.

She values the bond, 

the love you both share,

For her, your relationship, 

is truly rare.

So, if you know she loves you, 

more and more each day,

Don't treat her poorly, 

in any way. 

Change your ways, 

build your love anew,

For in her love is, 

nature's treasure, forever true.


Wisdom Ibeagi
Sunday 3 September 2023

Purest of heart 🤱 ♥ | Worth 30 million Euros 💶



In a world of mishaps, 

of fusion and despair,

Where shadows of regret,

hung in the air,

There lived a woman,

with a heart so pure,

Whose compassion and love,

would forever endure.

But her father, was a man,

of wants and of might,

He stumbled into dark, 

The deep endless night,

He was Sentenced to a life,

Imprisonment for theft,

No food, no water,

But starve to death 

Behind the prison bars, 

his spirit was confined,

Between his daughter's heart, 

hope was intertwined.

She listened to his tales,

of humours and throne,

And she whispered, "Dad, 

you're not alone"

Her love, was a lifeline,

in that desolate place,

A glimmer of hope 

in her father's face,

She vowed to help her dad 

find redemption stars,

She breast fed her dad,

Through the prison bars.

As time went by, 

the warden took notice,

The sentence was lifted, 

And They had to end the process,

Depicting this journey,

A painting was made, 

It sold for milli Euros, 

and history was made

The paintings told stories,

of sorrow and grace,

A testament to the human,

spiritual grace.

A compassionate daughters, 

Relentless endeavor,

Turned her father's life, 

and set him free forever,

"Art worth 30 million'

As they had proclaim,

But the real treasure was 

The love without blame,

For in the depths of despair,

they had found the way,

To paint a future bright, 

Where love guides the day.

~Wisdom Ibeagi ™🗽


Wisdom Ibeagi
Saturday 2 September 2023

Balance is the key ♎⚖️ 🗝️

Success and failure, 

both plays their part,

either ur winning or ur losing

There is no middle path

"Balance is the key," 

It whispers all along.

In life's graceful songs, 

It's a delicate song,

never let today's success, 

Get into ur head, 

Keep failure process, 

Away from ur heart.

Balance is not found, 

It must be created, 

If your losing your balance, 

You can't be creative. 

Don't destroys your now, 

with worries of tomorrow,

How the challenges come, 

Is how you should follow. 

In chaos and calm, 

in laughter and tear,

Balance is what we seek,

 year after year.

With success in our grasp, 

we reach for the stars,

Yet humility whispers, 

"Don't drift too far."

failure is a teacher,

with lessons profound,

It reminds us to stand, 

Our feet on  solid ground.

Yet, Balance is an art, 

like a delicate thread,

We weave through existence,

where dreams may be spread.

Not just equilibrium, 

but choices we make,

To find the right blend, 

for our own sake.

In mindful awareness, 

we nurture each side,

If you balance, you flourish,

 you live amplified.

~Wisdom Ibeagi ™ 🗽 


Wisdom Ibeagi
Monday 28 August 2023

Time of life 🌪️

In this Thread of life 

We weave our own part,

The moments, the memories, 

We live our own track.

Tick-tock, Tick-tock,

the clock always ticks,

Each second a treasure, 

each moment a fix.

Time for action is now, 

One day at a go, 

One step at a time, 

You will eventually be fine. 

It is never too late,

to do something great,

You can mold your destiny, 

And shape your own fate.

It's what you do,

with your time, they say,

That carves your story, 

in life's display.

The moment is now, 

the canvas is time,

paint colors of ur passion, 

The canvas is thine.

Don't dwell on the past, 

don't let them hold u back,

Anticipate the present, 

And stay on the track.

The future is uncertain, 

Fear not the unknown,

With courage and hope, 

Your seeds will be sown.

Time flies on wings, 

of sweet awesome grace,

the memories we cherish, 

they leave us a trace.

Save all the moments, 

The big and the small,

For they are the treasures, 

that outlive us all.

In the time of your life, 

let your spirit thrive,

With each passing moment, 

make your mark alive.

~Wisdom Ibeagi ™🗽


Wisdom Ibeagi
Sunday 27 August 2023

Save yourself 🌬️



In life's grand stage, 

we find ourselves roles,

In the journey called life, 

we live for our goals

Yet amid the hustle, 

Life lessons so true,

"Save money," it whispers, "

and it shall save you."

In wallets and vaults, 

let ur saving find their way,

Lay that foundations, 

for a brighter day.

When storms gather 'round,

 and hardships ensue,

That treasure you've hoarded 

will guide you through.

But wealth is not solely, 

in gold's embrace,

In self-preservation, 

we find our grace.

Steer clear of life's dramas, 

its tensions and strife,

Say "no thank you" ,

to troubles that rife.

Simplicity's shield, 

a powerful tool,

Saying "no" can ensure, 

you don't become a fool.

Toxicities shed, 

like leaves in the fall,

cherish your own worth, 

stand strong and tall.

So, remember the lesson, 

oh seeker of truth,

Save more than money, 

preserve your own youth.

Observe the essence, 

of life's sweetest thrill,

In wisdom and self-care, 

find serenity still.

~wisdom Ibeagi ™🗽


Wisdom Ibeagi
Saturday 26 August 2023

Fastest & Strongest 🐥🍼

Tiny hands,

Is the universe I hold,

A story in each grab,

A tale is untold.

Secured in your arms,

Is my place of delight,

Yet, fervent curiosity

takes me to the flight.

I am exploring the realms,

with my eyes so wide,

I am thirsty for life,

I am fearless as stride.

Hello innocence,

Mellow my Inner Sense, 

Well, am ur Elo, sent, 

I am ur innocent 😇

Oh, cradle me,

protect my fragile form,

For in this world,

I'm but a fleeting norm

A nibble here,

a taste of sweet unknown,

A song of senses, 

A taste of newly sown.

I am Swift as a breeze,

A graceful fleeting dart,

I grab all my treasures

For they enrich my heart.

Oh, how I revel, 

this stage of being so fleet,

The fastest, strongest,

I stand to be complete.

~Wisdom Ibeagi ™🗽


Wisdom Ibeagi
Friday 25 August 2023

SonRise 🌞

In the dawn's aboard,

I rise with might,

Resurrection's flame,

dispelling the night.



A bridge betwixt, 

the realms I stand,

Guiding souls,

to a promised land.


I am the mediator,

grace I bring,

I am songs of hope,

to hearts I sing.


'Tween God and man,

my love extends,

Redemption's thread,

it never bends.


Eternal essence,

here I am,

The Past, the present,

The future's strand.


He who was,

and ever shall be,

A beam of light,

eternally free.


The crowned prince,

a celestial heir,

Heavens bow, 

to me, a love so rare.


All powers, dominion,

Is in my grasp,

Building destinies, 

with a gentle clasp.


I am the path,

truth's sacred core,

Life's eternal spring,



I conquered trials,

storms and hell,

I grant thee strength,

an endless well.


Rejoice, O world,

in victories I 've won,

With steadfast soul,

under the sun.


A crown of glory

awaits the just,

In faithful endurance,

in me they trust.


So stand thou firm,

through trials' bend,

On this journey,

my hand I extend.


For in the SonRising,

of time and space,

My love and triumph

find their place.



~Wisdom Ibeagi™🗽


Wisdom Ibeagi
Thursday 24 August 2023

Growing Consciousness 🥀


Be careful,
the voice within softly cries,
A journey of consciousness,
where insight lies.

Be considerate, breath,
compassion's breath,
In the garden of empathy,
hearts find their breed.

Let kindness bloom,
A fragrant array,
Nurturing your soul,
in every way.

Morally alert,
Let values be your guide,
Ethical ripples in life,
Breeds the ceaseless tides

Transform your life,
Renew the mind thrills,
Unveil the vistas,
Banish the blind drills.

Live not as a fool,
But as a wise beacon of light,
A broke clock twice a day,
Will eventually be right 

Shun malevolence,
Let it  wane, let it fade,
Darkness shall flee,
When the light is displayed.

Let goodness unfold,
Let its radiant ping ur wings,
A symphony of virtues,
The heart ever sings.

In the songs of existence,
Play your part, play your cards, 
A melody of consciousness,
Is an exquisite art.

Let growth be your mantra,
Through the highs and lows,
A journey of becoming,
Is where the soul ever glows.


~Wisdom Ibeagi™🗽 


Wisdom Ibeagi
Thursday 24 August 2023

Forward is Forward 🐞


Forward is forward,

the mantra to heed,

Let nothing hinder,

no matter the speed.


Challenges loom,

like shadows in the night,

Yet onward you march,

with unyielding might.


Don't let doubts or fears,

cast their dark veil,

Your determination will,

always prevail.


In life's grand stride,

keep moving, never stall,

No matter the obstacles,

Keep ur zeal, stand tall.


For progress is forged,

through sweat and tears,

Amidst the uncertainties,

and fleeting years.


Each step you take,

a victory earned,

A testament to lessons, 

we 've already-learned.


So remember, my friend,

as you journey on,

The path of resilience, Forward is Forward 

is never gone.


In every setback,

is a chance to evolve,

To shape your destiny,

your life to solve.


Capture the essence,

of moving ahead,

A symphony of courage,

where dreams are bred.



          ~Wisdom Ibeagi™🗽 


Wisdom Ibeagi
Thursday 24 August 2023

Lust Sheep 🐑 | Lordship | How to find ur way back

In shadows deep,

Roam the lustful sheep,

A wanderer astray,

You have gone too deep.

Caught in desires,

You strayed from the flock,

In search of thrills,

on a treacherous walk.


But why did you wander, 

from safety's place?

Seeking allure,

in forbidden grace.

Temptations whispered,

led you astray,

From the righteous path,

You chose to sway.


To find your way back,

You must heed the call,

To rise from the darkness,

You must stand from the fall.

Reflect on the journey,

the choices you have made,

Regain your footing,

and do not be afraid.


Return to the fold,

with lessons you have learned,

Let wisdom be your guide,

And knowledge what you earned.

Shed the cloak of lust,

Take up the light,

Rediscover the path,

and make it right.


To be found again,

You must first seek,

The shepherd's voice,

is gentle and meek.

Listen to the heart,

let conscience steer,

And in redemption's place,

Let heart draw near.


Let remorse be the compass,

to guide you to the way,

Through valleys of doubt,

toward the light of day.

Forgiveness awaits,

with open arms,

To cleanse the soul,

from its self-made harms.


Oh, lustful sheep,

there's a way to mend,

To find your way back,

to finally transcend.

Accept your essence,

let virtue shine,

Rejoin the flock,

be whole, be fine.

  ~Wisdom Ibeagi™ 🗽 


Wisdom Ibeagi
Wednesday 23 August 2023

The Comfort Zone

In the phase of life's big stage,w

e find,

A safe place of peace,

the comfort zone. 

A place where routine and familiarity reside,

Where fears are muted,

and worries subside.

Within its gentle hiding place,

we uncover self awaking,

A shelter from storms,

a chance to believe.

The known and the happy,

they call us near,

A place different from chaos,

where paths are clear.

Oh, the comfort zone,

a tranquil retreat,

Where heartbeats steady,

in rhythms so sweet.

It's where we recharge,

our spirits renew,

Gathering strength for pursuits anew.

With steady steps,

we navigate its terrain,

No challenges faced,

no need to explain.

A refuge of habits,

a tapestry we weave,

Where the known is our guide,

and we never leave.

But wait,

there's a lesson in this gentle space,

A graceful words of wisdom,

a truth to own.

The comfort it brings,

is not just in vain,

For growth finds its roots in this sheltered place.

The comfort zone is a refreshing place,

you see,

A sanctuary of courage,

where we can be free.

It's here we build skills,

in a world that's secure,

Before taking on challenges,

swift and unsure.

                               Wisdom Ibeagi™ 🗽 


Wisdom Ibeagi
Thursday 24 August 2023

Push Through the Pain 😭

Push through the pain,

don't let it stop u, 

every pain's expiration, 

is written in time,

As ur courage hit the roof ,

The greater you will climb.

With each hurdle u faced,

The stronger you'll become,

Within every suffering,

growth is busy building, 

Redeeming peace offering, 

Both for old and the newbies 

When u understand the pain,

It forge's  your will,

the fire in your heart.

Is the grit that fuel your zeal. 


Remember every pain, 

its purpose is profound,

To shape and mold you,

with wisdom unbound.

So push through the pain,

with unwavering might,

You will Tower victorious,

in your relentless fight.

     ~Wisdom Ibeagi™🗽 


Wisdom Ibeagi
Thursday 24 August 2023

Infinite Heart Song


When we fall deep and wide,

Where love's honesty is sewn with  pride,

There, we will find a melody, a song to impart our heart,

The endless symphony of a boundless heart.


Through labyrinthine corridors of the soul,

A winner journeys, where emotions unroll,

Infinite hues of affection take flight,

In this sonnet of love, in the softest light.


A harmonious dance of passion's embrace,

Whispered secrets, and tender grace,

With every note, a different shade is found,

From the quietest whispers to passion unbound.


Verse by verse, the very fabrics of friendship is woven,

A tale of love, where the heart believes,

In sweet crescendos and gentle refrains,

The infinite heart's song forever remains.


From first blush to the depth of ardor's fire,

The poet's quill, a passionate lyre,

Each stanza a step in the labyrinth's maze,

Revealing love's essence in so many ways.


With every twist and turn in this emotional flight,

The seeker explores love's depths and height,

The melody enchants, an eternal bliss.


So let us wander through this poetic land,

Hand in hand with the sentiments so grand,

Infinite heart's song, it does resound,

In every emotion, in love's playground.


As we travel through the verses' we cherish,

We find ourselves lost in its wondrous space,

In this labyrinth of emotions, we're free to belong,

Forever entwined in the infinite heart song.

                         ~Wisdom Ibeagi™🗽 


Wisdom Ibeagi
Thursday 24 August 2023

Eternal Embrace 🕯️

In the realm where feelings reigns,

A hand full of emotions is divine,

There lies a tale of love's sweet grace,

A poem of passion, Eternal Embrace.

A story of affection beautifully told.


Amidst a world of chaos and strife,

2 souls, found solace in each other's life,

A connection that defied all circumstance.


A love so pure, it knows no end,

A bond that time could never bend.


Their love story, like precious pearls,

Strung together by fate's delicate thread,

A symphony of emotions, unsaid.


Through seasons that come and go,

Their love continues to bloom and grow,

A symposium of laughter and tears,

Etching memories that span the years.


Hand in hand, they face the unknown,

A journey together, a path they've sown,

Each step a testament to their devotion,

An eternal embrace, a lifelong potion.


So let us celebrate this love so true,

A touch, a gaze, a promise too,

In its simplest form, a treasure untold,

Eternal Embrace, a story to be extolled.


    ~Wisdom Ibeagi™🗽 


Wisdom Ibeagi
Thursday 24 August 2023

Whispers of Yesterday

In the realm,

where memories sway,

Lies a tale of echoes,

night and day.

"Whispers of Yesterday,"

That is its name 

With hues of sepia

 and tints of gold,

Nostalgia's gentle touch

Is in every thread,

Painting emotions vivid,like words unsaid.


Through misty corridors

of each days gone by,

The whispers of yesterday, they fly,

A gentle breeze that tugs at the heart,

Rekindling moments, a priceless art.


In every corner of the mind they hide,

Those whispers of love, pain, and pride,

They shape our present, they mold our view,

A kaleidoscope of feelings, old and new.


As time marches on, the whispers remain,

A mosaic of joys, of loss, of gain,

They lend us strength, and wisdom too,

A connection to what once was true.


In the quiet moments, when the world is still,

The whispers of yesterday fulfill,

A yearning for what once was known,

A pathway to roots, to seeds that were sown.


So listen closely, dear friend, and hear,

The whispers of yesterday drawing near,

For in their embrace, we find our way,

Guided by memories that forever stay.

~Wisdom Ibeagi™🗽 


Wisdom Ibeagi
Thursday 24 August 2023

Chronicles of Eternity ✴️

In the Chronicles of Eternity,

we find, moments fleeting,

slipping through time's bind, 

Cleare ur throat and breath in. 

Whispers of laughter,

like petals in the breeze,

Ephemeral beauty, 

that's destined to seize.

Stars that ignite,

then fade into the night,

Leaving traces of magic,

in their fleeting flight.


Eyes that meet,

hearts that intertwine,

Yet destiny parts them,

as if is by design.

The ache of goodbyes,

bittersweet and true,

As seconds cascade

into memories anew.


Oh, the dance of time,

a song bar of grace,

As moments slip past,

It's leaving u a trace.

In the Chronicles of Eternity,

we see, what we feel, 

Life's intricate moments,

Is both illusive and real. 

  ~Wisdom Ibeagi ™🗽 


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