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Monday 13 December 2021


Give respect to whom respect it due,
Wash your hands well and you will eat with elders.

With a fat cheek, smooth and round like hot fried buns,
Wears the best of Agbada and Italian shoes,
He looks not to the plight of the mass and is deaf to their cries.

Every-where he goes, a swam of armed bandits escorts him,
We-Wan, We-Wan disturbing our peace, while he moves;
A great orator, with manifestoes as thick as iced-butter,
After the heat of time, nothing is left of it.

Take it from him; he would do nothing except you give him ten percent,
Whose first words at an event are “How is the car behaving?”
Whose extra-curricular activity is election and campaign,
His favorite book is titled ‘Contract’,
This very particular man is My Oga at the Top.


saviour peremoke
Monday 13 December 2021


My mind wonder as it been restless,
Pray thee remained, while I draw from my hearts depth.

Make haste, I was told for time waits for no one,
Death been inevitable, I welcome with open arms,
But to say I could do more than I have done,
And my lips a sorrowful song, like that heard on distant farms.
Born free, yet a slave, 
Not to someone, but to the values I had come to meet;
Tasted freedom, yet as one living in Chains’
Made and bound by the steels of ignorance.
I could do more than cries and complain,
For what is worse than sitting idle while in Agony;
Yet did they give it a name “DEMOCRACY”,
The very language our former masters used to agitate us;
Then set us free while unwise.


saviour peremoke
Monday 13 December 2021


Taken aback by the memories before,
I still wonder how I had come ashore,
Take it all and give me love I had sometime said,
Yet the experience was somewhat more than the prospect;
What then do I say; I was given more than expected.
More at a time when the dust before had not settled,
But if the opportunity present, I would go through again;
One would wonder, why?
When there is no more to it than pain,
And I would say no more than Thanks,
Who knows for it maybe the peace I felt on these banks.


saviour peremoke
Monday 13 December 2021


Once found, once loved,
Now filled with emotions as one would towards an enemy,
Seed sowed, results yielded;
Yet unsatisfied by the harvest as though planted by hatred.

Minds seek peace, and have sought to go yonder,
Where true joy lies and heart light.
Betrayed by the very ones entrusted to;
Yet asked to forgive before one crosses the border.

Vowed not to trust, yet does so,
Choose to hate yet could not;
Vowed not to love, yet does so;
And the worries of it the heart bought.
Hoping one day to feel free as it tends it wounds,
Yet anticipating for another, while sober.


saviour peremoke
Wednesday 15 July 2020


How can this be,

yet wonder why it took so long,

music fills mt heart, sweet and bitter,

yet my lips covered with no particular song.

a very particular being,

one for whom i lay restless at night,

to whom my every being has surrendered,

my mind at ease at her very sight.

finally a rush that has no expression,

this is more than a game that i have to tame,

something more than perfection,

still all i hear is her voice calling my name

 a true replica of amazonian beauty,

and like the rain forests ever green,

one whose beauty lie with uncertainty,

yet with every stare new as never seen

hoping one day she would be mine,

lost forever i am in her eyes,

even if it were to be true,

most beautiful was the way she said


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