Endurance Ayomiposi Aganyebi

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Endurance Ayomiposi Aganyebi
Friday 30 June 2023


Smiling in the morning to mask my tears

That soak my pillow every night

Such a tiring task


He said, "smile, laugh at every joke"

I stare at him, blankly

Them force the most bitter smile to please him

Little did he know...


"You're always moody", he said once more

Each day, I wake to the same ritual

Look in the mirror, and force myself to laugh

But every time, the reflection I see

Gives me another reason to cry

Little did he know...


Joy, joy, joy is all I long for

But fake it till you make it doesn't work for Joy 


Endurance Ayomiposi Aganyebi
Saturday 10 June 2023


A little girl once carefree

Until the world opened her eyes to misery

Anxiety and insecurity crept in

But Veronica was her name, a reminder to win.

Persevering despite the pain, despite the strife

Till one day the weight was no more

Veronica had won, Forevermore.

Veronica _she who brings victory 


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